How an AI organisation can make a difference during the pandemic

Making premises safe during COVID-19 with IRIS Computer Vision

People photo created by freepik

The modules

Building computer vision modules that would help in reporting and analysing human activities was our primary focus. Checking for masks, social distancing, footfall and occupational density would help cater to our goal. Detecting and tracking people were common in both modules. We utilise neural networks for object detection to get the highest possible accuracy levels.

Mask Validation

Face Mask Classification | Illustration by Integration Wizards

Social Distancing

Social Distancing | Illustration by Integration Wizards

Footfall and Density Analysis

Footfall Analysis | Illustration by Integration Wizards

IRIS in action

Here’s a sneak peek at IRIS’ inference on some publicly available videos.

IRIS AI in action | GIF by Author

Scaling on multiple cameras

A game of scales | Image by Author
Accelerating neural networks for low-latency performance using NVIDIA TensorRT | Image by Author

The IRIS Experience

IRIS is a comprehensive solution, providing its users with data on the go. Data generated by edge devices or cloud engines are processed and shown meaningfully. Several billion data points are generated per day across our customers. This data is encapsulated into meaningful Key Point Index metrics for our customers to derive insight and make business optimisations.

Phoenix Marketcity mockup IRIS dashboard | Illustration by Integration Wizards
IRIS native app support | Image by Integration Wizards

Customers Satisfied

The pandemic caught us off guard, yet we managed to design, develop and deploy a solution in a matter of weeks. Several customers benefit from IRIS, making them COVID ready in a matter of days.

Reduction in Mask Violations | Image by Integration Wizards
Reduction in Social Distancing Violations | Image by Integration
Reduction in violations by over 50% | Image by Integration Wizards

The takeaway

The engineers at Integration Wizards believe IRIS can make a disruption in low-cost and affordable AI solutions. With an ever-increasing library of supported neural networks and use-cases, IRIS aims to cater for a wide variety of customers spanning across different verticals. Interested in what we’re going to do next? IRIS 2.0 will bring a no-code platform, enabling customers to deploy complex Computer Vision solutions, all with a couple of clicks. Get in touch to find out more!

IRIS 2.0 | Illustration by Integration Wizards

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