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Artificial Intelligence Architect at Integration Wizards | NVIDIA Jetson AI Ambassador & Specialist | Speaker | Hackathon Enthusiast

Making premises safe during COVID-19 with IRIS Computer Vision

Photo by Matteo Jorjoson on Unsplash

An induction to or summation of the pandemic and its effect all over the world would be superfluous. Most of us have gone through a tidal shift — we have started working from our homes, children have shifted to online education and we’re more reliant on online services. Technology in…

Tracing my journey from a Deep Learning Engineer to an AI Architect

High-Performance Machine build | Image by author

Well well, we are back at it again. Last time, I narrated my journey as a Deep learning engineer, drawing parallels to the fictional landscape that envelops my consciousness. If it manifests in this universe, Destiny, had bigger mantles for me to hone — An AI Architect! Just designing and…

Train fast and accurate computer vision models with NVIDIA’s Transfer Learning Toolkit 3.0; a no-code interface to train and deploy models with TensorRT acceleration.

Photo by Snapwire from Pexels | Logo by NVIDIA

You find yourself staring at your RGB backlit keyboard, with a task at hand and a model to train. You know you need to modify one of your older scripts to use a different network and export a model. …

Build OpenCV with CUDA 11.2 and cuDNN8.1.0 for a faster YOLOv4 DNN inference fps.

Photo by Akash Rai on Unsplash | Detections by author

YOLO, short for You-Only-Look-Once has been undoubtedly one of the best object detectors trained on the COCO dataset. YOLOv4 being the latest iteration has a great accuracy-performance trade-off, establishing itself as one of the State-of-the-art object detectors. Typical mechanisms of employing any object detector in an intelligent video analytics pipeline…

An NVIDIA Deepstream 5.0 and Ryze Tello powered Computer Vision Application to detect wildfires using YOLO.

Image by Author | 10 points if you notice the drone on my shoulder!

Wildfires have been ever-increasing, devouring our planet earth, rendering our planet worse day by day. Just in 2019 and 2020 alone, there has been more than enough wildfires to throw off earth’s ecology out-of-balance. Amazon wildfires, Californian wildfires, Arctic Wildfires and Australian bush-fires are some of the incidents.

Supercharging your Intelligent Video Analytics pipeline with Deepstream 5.0 for blazing fast speed.

And there was a man, in a cave, held captive and hooked up to an electromagnet plunged deep in his chest. Hammering his way through, quite literally, Stark, built his initial Arc Reactor and Mark 1 Iron Man suit, using nothing but a bucket of scrap and modern, tactical, self-guiding…

Using Object Detection to detect enemies before you can

Unreal Tournament Pre-Alpha

Back in 1958, a physicist created the first video game: a form of entertainment that lets you control the entities of a virtual world. Since then, gaming has picked up the pace, giving us platforms and stories that can be life enlightening. From saving a princess from the wrath of…

A fictional view of my journey becoming a DL Engineer

“ The race for AI will dwarf any other race relative to the mystic realm of technology”. No, I’m not quoting anyone, just saying what I often tell myself. Most people just see technology as a creature comfort, but throw on my shoes and put on my spectacles and you’ll…

Don’t get intimidated by the title of this post, I don’t intend to take over the world with Artificial Intelligence (Debatable, actually). I’m sure most of you remember Skynet, a self-aware Artificially Intelligent agent, back from the Terminator series. Skynet was portrayed in the movie-series to have a sinister idea…

Akash James

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