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Artificial Intelligence Architect at Integration Wizards | NVIDIA Jetson AI Ambassador & Specialist | Speaker | Hackathon Enthusiast

Train fast and accurate computer vision models with NVIDIA’s Transfer Learning Toolkit 3.0; a no-code interface to train and deploy models with TensorRT acceleration.

Photo by Snapwire from Pexels | Logo by NVIDIA

Build OpenCV with CUDA 11.2 and cuDNN8.1.0 for a faster YOLOv4 DNN inference fps.

Photo by Akash Rai on Unsplash | Detections by author

An NVIDIA Deepstream 5.0 and Ryze Tello powered Computer Vision Application to detect wildfires using YOLO.

Image by Author | 10 points if you notice the drone on my shoulder!

Supercharging your Intelligent Video Analytics pipeline with Deepstream 5.0 for blazing fast speed.

Using Object Detection to detect enemies before you can

Unreal Tournament Pre-Alpha

A fictional view of my journey becoming a DL Engineer

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